If you can sell your iPhone through a buyback program, you can make the most of your money. It is possible to sell your broken or used iPhone, and you can purchase a brand new phone without any issues. The trade-in and buyback program can be subscribed online. Some professional buyers will list ads to buy used iPhones and offer the best compensation to sellers. In this process, you can sell your iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in an effortless manner.

You should be able to use the hassle-free online trading platform. You should want to select the iPhone series, model and condition of the phone. As you start selling the iPhone, you will come across many options. By choosing the best online buyback program, you will sell your phone from the comforts of your home and part of the funding for the new phone can be generated very quickly.

Inspection of your iPhone

Inspect Your iPhoneThe buyer will inspect your iPhone. The buyer will ensure that the phone matches your description. After the completion of the inspection, the money will be paid by PayPal or check. You should lock the rate for the old iPhone when the buyback offers are at the peak. As you are not bound to send your device, there will not be any disadvantage by locking in an offer.

You can always explore an alternative option so that a better price can be managed on the old phone.


Apple’s renew recycling program

Apple implements ‘renew recycling program’ with which you can trade your device very easily. You can access the program either online or from the Apple Store in the US. If you opt for the online program, you should send the device for final inspection through mail. As you return your old phone, you will get gift cards from Apple which can be used towards purchases from Apple Store. However, no cash for trade-ins will be entertained by Apple.

You should understand the fact that gift card value of Apple will be lower than competitive cash payouts. As the option is very convenient, most of the customers would like to go for trade-in by Apple. You can find the flat rate on each model, i.e., iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus. Trade-ins can be applied to Apple’s trade up. It can be applied with installment plans and the coverage will spread out the cost of the handset for 24 months.


There are competitive trade-in rates offered by Amazon. Amazon relies on third parties to provide the trade-in service. Thus, users will get gift cards which can be redeemed on the website. However, no cash will be paid by Amazon. You will get good payment from Amazon if you can submit the original packaging and accessories.

You can explore Best Buy offer in two forms. The phone can be submitted on the website, or you can access the trade-in program through email. Wal-Mart offers both in-store and mail-in trade-in opportunities. You will get a gift card on the spot when you visit the store. Electronic gift card will be presented when you go for the mail-in trade.

Target offers trade-in program through NextWorth. Hence, the prices will be similar to the NextWorth. You will get a Target gift card when you exercise trade-in option. Users can access in-store offering as well without any issues.

Many US carriers offer trade-in programs. If you opt for a trade-in program from a carrier, your iPhone will be sold by the carrier, and after pocketing profit, the rest of the money will be offered as a voucher. The voucher can be used to purchase a new phone, and you will not find any cash.

Amazon Buyback Program


Gazelle is the leading and most popular electronic trade-in service. It offers best buyback options so that you will be able to make the most of your old iPhone. You will get cash very quickly for the old phone. There are various kinds of programs which include PayPal and check. Customers will enjoy the hassle-free experience by opting for a trade-in program from Gazelle. The company offers professional services in dealing with the old phone. The inspection will be done by experts employed by the company, and the data will be wiped off completely before passing it on to other customers.

BuyBack Boss

BuyBack Boss offers a trade-in program, and it is similar to Gazelle. However, it is possible to get a higher payout from BuyBack Boss. As you visit the website, you should lock in the trade-in price. The physical condition, as well as performance of the phone, will be assessed by a team of experts. You can request a prepaid box by mail. However, you can also use your own shipping box, and prepaid shipping label can be printed and affixed to the box. BuyBack Boss will issue a check or PayPal payment after inspecting the phone. If you choose PayPal method, the money will be paid very quickly.

NOTE: As of early 2017, Buyback Boss is offering the highest prices.

Buyback Boss iPhone Quote


NextWorth offers trade-in program which is similar to Gazelle. You can opt for the program very easily, and it works very quickly. The financial benefits will be conveyed to the consumer in a very efficient manner. You should understand the fact that NextWorth is the industry leading electronic gadget buyer. The company has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

The greatest advantage with NextWorth is that you will get money in the form of PayPal as well. The payment will be done very quickly after the completion of the inspection. The payment will be made in three to 10 business days. You can also get payment in the form of NextWorth Discover Prepaid Card or Target Gift Card which will reflect in 3 to 14 days in your account.

The brand is the white-label partner of Target. If you bring your device to the store, you will be paid on the spot. On the other hand, the price lock is guaranteed online for 30 days.