Sell Your Broken iPhone

Breaking your iPhone is a bad experience and there are a number of ways you can break an iPhone. Sometimes, however, a broken iPhone may be the result of its age and this may mean you have to upgrade. Nonetheless, it is difficult to sell a broken iPhone and many places will not buy it back. However, with the internet, there are plenty of places that will buy back your broken iPhone. You will be able to find your model on their site and then, depending on the company, they will require you to send the phone to their warehouse. Once they receive it, you’ll get some money.

Broken iPhone

Sell an iPhone with a Cracked Screen

There are various ways you can crack an iPhone and it is actually a very common thing to do, especially since the screens are a little fragile. Once this happens it can be difficult to deal with and you may have to buy a new phone entirely unless you are covered by your company. If you are forced to buy a new one you can actually sell your cracked iPhone to buyback programs online. They will price your phone and take it off you (normally by mail). When the phone is delivered to their business they will release your funds and you will get cash for your cracked iPhone.

Get Rid of an iPhone With Damage

Damaging your iPhone is never a good thing and if you have a particularly expensive model you may feel like it was a waste of a purchase. However, there are actually sites that let you sell your old, damaged iPhone and you get pure profit from doing so. These sites like to recycle damaged phones so that they do not damage the environment and they will pay you various amounts depending on the phone model. Find your model on their website and once it is priced send it off to them and they will pay for both the shipping and the phone. All funds go straight into your bank account.

Cash for Your Water Damaged iPhone

Water damage can occur in the simplest way, either through dropping your iPhone in a puddle or during a heavy storm. Either way, if the damage is very severe you may have to buy a new one and this is problematic if you have a new model. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to sell a water damaged iPhone and they are primarily through online buyback programs. These sites will give you money for your water damaged phones and they only require you to find your model on their system and then send it off. Once you have done that, they will receive the phone and then pay you instantly.

Sell Water Damaged iPhone

Get Paid for Your Dead iPhone

Dead iPhones occur for many reasons and in most cases, they cannot be repaired. This means that, when your iPhone dies, you will need to buy a new one and this can involve a lot of cash. Thankfully, you can make a lot of your money back from your dead iPhone if it is still in good shape or is a newer model. Through online buyback programs, you will send your phone off to their warehouses and they will pay you straight away. You can find the price of your dead iPhone using their search engines and sometimes you may have to send the phone off yourself. They will pay for the shipping meaning that there is no risk and only profit.